Make your own business cards for free and printable. 4 easy steps.

Design business cards is usually something we need to contract someone to do for us. But makes your business cards for free and printable is now possible with our Online Designer tool. You can take advantage of this feature, but there are a few key elements we shall take into consideration. What is the purpose of business cards? It is the smallest marketing area for the essential information our customer needs to contact us. Thus, there is no need to use it for anything else. Sometimes we are tempted to fill in every space all our capabilities. That is a mistake. Business cards are supposed to carry only the essential, not a full list or our company services, or all the products we sell on our website for the “just in case” Try not to overcrowd the small little piece. What are the real elements every business card needs? Logo or visual identity elements. Slogan or anchor text of the business. Name of the person. Position on that company Basic contact (phone, email, website) There are also other elements that surround that info and support the mental image we need to make our company looks solid to our clients, such as color, fonts, images associate, but those are not the focus. And there are content we absolutely don’t need (a full service page, or our best partner phone number to make them two for the price of one) Business cards are one of the most printed pieces we handle today. It's so much part of our conversations that a great marketer once advised to carry them always on the left pocket of the suit, so we can grab them at the same time we shake hands. Even they are the smallest piece of paper we can carry; they are our great supporters once we leave. Thanks to that we can dip in the advantages. Make your business cards design for free. Yes, its free. You can create your own by yourself. You don’t have to drive, no appointments, no COVIDs, nothing, just you. Select Personalize. Our Designer tool is very intuitive and easy to use. You don't have to be a designer to look professional. Start from a blank piece of paper, or browse from our professionally designed templates, perfectly sized for the standard business card size. Select the Text. Add text as you need. Select the font, the size, and the style (Normal, bold, italic..) Choose font colors, text effects (curved, opacity, radius…) Choose an image or photo, logo, background etc, associated with your company Upload your image, or product image, your logo; a special background or a drawing. Add special effects like mask, filters and angles. These are one of the most common shapes specially designed for advertising. Change fill colors, ad outline effects if you need them. Give your professionally designed business card the trendy look with address icons, change their color to your brand colors, add logo elements for create your brand and change fill and outline colors. QR Code. Quick Response codes are symbols your clients enjoy to had access to your contact info, or your website, or a video you posted. It’s a very efficient way they don’t have to type your contact or website and have a quick access to what you need. Creating maps are very handy when you need to show your location, It is something to look if your business is usually hard to find. Zoom in r out to show more details if you need it. Have full control of the order you want your elements to play in your design. Move them to front or back. Lock their position so you can move other elements without changing the locked one. My designs. Save your design so you can continue later or if you need to reprint, or modify something in the future, no need to create it again. These are all the features you need to make business cards for free and printable. No need to use them all, use only what you need. The Online Designer is created to make the business card printable. No more defect on the size, or bleed, or too small characters. You will have full control of what you are doing like any designer bt this time you can do it for free! Once you have you make your business cards for free, then add the design to the cart and choose the quantity you need and just pay for the print only. You will rest assure your cards are printable, no surprises and created as you wished to be. FAQs Can the online designer create 2-sided business cards? Yes. Once you open the designer, there is a front and back pages at the bottom, once you have done with one side you can just click on the back icon and add anything you need to the back or just distribute your information in two sides. Usually it is recommended to keep the back for the logo only, or the website only, with a flat color on the back. That will create sequence and emphasis. Shine or matte? Business cards are good to make annotations. If you choose shiny it will be difficult to do so. It is considered more educated to choose matte on stationary. What is the image quality I should use? In order to be printable correctly the higher the quality, the better. For modern presses the standard is 300 DPI at the final size. Why does my texts look so close to the border? Every time we are designing a business card, the texts should be at a quarter of an inch from the cut line. We create the dashed line on the online designer to give you the cut line border. All texts should be at a safe distance from that dashed line. Usually ¼ of an inch inside should be good for your info. Templates: In this tab you will see the multiple designs that you have selected in the product. See more information in the Custom Product section. Text: Change font, size, outline, color, opacity, alignment, bold format, italic style, and underline, line through, overline, decoration. You can also put effects curved, reverse, arc, small to large, large to small, bulge texts. Images, Cliparts, Calendars: The images JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF: You can add a mask layer, with texts, cliparts or shapes. They can be set as background or logo. Change the angle of the background image. The logo images can be cropped, add opacity and filters like grayscale, sepia, warm, cold, yellow, kodachrome, vintage, brownie, polaroid, technicolor, acid, sea, fantasy, purple, ghost, predator, night, invert, noise, pixelate, sharpen, blur, emboss, brightness, saturation and contrast. The images SVG: They can be grouped and ungrouped from the toolbar. They can be set as background or logo. Change the angle of the background image. You can add opacity and edit the outline and colors from the section: Fill color SVG, Outline SVG and Outline color SVG. The administrator: You can set images or svg as overlay. This option can be very useful if you want to add a watermark on the canvas. Shapes: Change the color, the outline and opacity. The shapes can be managed from the Shapes section. QR Code: Enter link to your url, change the background and foreground color, the size of the border. Add correction level and version range. Map: Select type of map, road, satellite, terrain or hybrid. Add zoom to the map, change the label, size and color to the icon. Background colors: Change the colors of the canvas background. You can modify the colors of the palette from the Style section. Manage layers: In this tab you can manage the layers in a simpler way: You can identify the layer quickly by the image or icon. Set the name of the layer if you need it. Sort the layer, bring to the front or send to back. Lock, unlock or delete layer. The administrator: You can lock / unlock layers the user. You can hide layers in the output files. Product options: Users can see the product options and prices and select the quantities before adding the product to the cart. My Designs: Allows all users to download the designs if the option: "Download design from the editor" is enabled in the General settings section. Allows registered users to save their designs and manage them from the editor. You can also manage them from the default page for my designs, created from the General settings section. Toolbar features Keyboard shortcuts: Displays a list of all keyboard shortcuts and their functions. You can define the keys in the Shortcut keys section. Select all: Select all canvas objects. Erase all: Erase all objects from the canvas. Grid: Show or hide the grid, very useful to align the layers by adjusting them in the guides. Center horizontally: Center objects horizontally. Center vertically: Center objects vertically. Flip horizontally: Flip objects horizontally. Flip vertically: Flip objects vertically. Rotate: Rotate objects. Bring to front: Bring object to front. Send to back: Bring object to back. Lock: Lock and unlock object. Group: Group and ungroup objects. Duplicate: Duplicate objects. Delete: Delete objects. Undo: Undo changes. Redo: Redo changes. Preview: See design preview.
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